For the last 27 years, The Starkey Headset Group has been manufacturing the industry’s most reliable headsets.


With a reliability rate of over 99.96%, these headsets will save your call center money, period.

We have accomplished this with expert engineering and by using only the finest quality components in the manufacturing process.

Starkey Headsets provide proven cost savings, are comfortable, reliable and provide outstanding performance. Combine that with the full support and service of an industry leader, makes Starkey Headsets your choice for all of your call center and commercial headset needs.


One Vendor/One World

The Starkey Headset Group is your one stop source for all of your Call Center Headsets, worldwide.

Utilizing our One Vendor/One World Program, you can easily outsource your procurement and headset management process to the industry leader.

This service features:
  • One Stop for all of your Headset Procurement Services
  • Uniform Products for most locations
  • International Shipping Services
  • Customized Ordering Web Site
  • Complete Customs Clearing Services or we use your preferred brokers
  • Same Product Price for all of your International Locations
  • Comprehensive product procurement reports
  • 27 Years of Experience


Starkey’s One Vendor/One World program will save you money Period!


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