The Headset Company with a History:

Challenging the status quo since 1967 that’s the year when William Austin founded Professional Hearing Aid Service; an all-make hearing instrument repair service. Every day he came face-to-face with the shortcomings of the hearing devices that were available at that time.

This urgency of customers made Austin passionate about providing the level of reliable and prompt local service that he felt these people deserved. Right from the start, he challenged the status quo by introducing the industry’s first flat fee approach to repair the sets.

This innovation, now an industry standard, brought these services within the reach of Austin’s customers. Many of them were living on limited fixed incomes. “Nobody should ever have to choose between hearing and eating. It takes both to nourish the whole being”, said Austin.

In 1971, William Austin, a founder of Professional Hearing Aid Service; an all-make hearing instrument repair service, purchased a small ear mold company called Starkey Laboratories and adopted that name for his company. This acquisition set the stage for introducing the first Starkey-engineered custom, in-the-ear hearing aid in 1973. With this introduction, Austin dedicated to providing hearing aids that featured:

  • Clear and natural sound
  • Comfortable fit
  • Long-term reliability
  • Prompt, trusted local service
  • The No-risk Headset Offering
  • A no-risk trial
  • A 2-year worry-free warranty

Based upon that success, in 1986, Starkey Headsets began developing Hands Free telephone headset products that adhered to the same quality standards of the Starkey Hearing Aid, when William Austin challenged the status quo and developed the Call Center Headset.

Hands free Earset Technology

Austin applied his expertise in custom manufacturing to creating world’s first individually fitted hands-free EarSet, the ultimate in all-day comfort for anyone who is on the telephone and uses a computer and telecommunications professionals. 27 years later, Starkey is still the Call Center Headset.

Today, Starkey Headsets offers a complete line of wired hands-free telecommunications solutions, designed specifically for the Call Center Marketplace. Manufactured using only the finest quality materials to the highest quality specifications these products deliver:

  • Clear and natural sound
  • Comfortable fit
  • Industry leading Reliability
  • Prompt, trusted local service

All delivered through your local Starkey dealer.

When your success depends on how clearly you hear — and are heard — on the phone, how about challenging your status quo?

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